Sounds Entertainment – Colorado’s Karaoke DJ for your party or corporate event

Karaoke is a great way to get people to loosen up and get to know each other while having a good time.   We bring our monitor to display the lyrics to the songs, our state of the art sound system that makes everyone a singing sensation and your group, young or old, will jam out to thousands of songs whether they love to sing or just like to watch their friends have the time of their life.  Karaoke is a sure fire way to entertain your group all night long, right up to the closing song.  The next day they will be telling everyone about the great time they had and will be looking for your next party invitation!

Do you love to sing? How about your friends?  Everyone loves to sing given the chance.  Our Professional Colorado Karaoke DJ’s can provide hours of fun for your party or corporate event.  School events, Outside BBQ’s, birthdays or reunions, corporate functions, even holiday parties; everyone wants to be the “star of the evening”.  Our Karaoke DJ’s are the coolest, most entertaining hosts available.  We understand how to get someone in the crowd to volunteer without making any of your guests uncomfortable.  With our expansive song collection we will bring out the rocker or pop star in your group.

Karaoke – Everyone wants to be a superstar – Right?

Sounds Entertainment’s Karaoke services are a great way to make any Birthday party, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a post-prom party, family reunions or company parties a raging success.  Whether your guests have talent or not, the ones who can really sing will amaze everybody and the ones who couldn’t carry a tune if their life depended on it will humor the rest of the crowd – prodding someone else to ‘show their stuff’.  The singer can’t make a mistake – the lyrics to the song are right there in front of her on our monitor – our amazing sound system will strengthen her voice and the whole crowd will applaud!

With a large music selection and our high energy lighting coupled with a great sound system and easy to read lyrics, we will keep your guests entertained all night.  It’s so much fun.  It makes timid people want to try it – You’ll see – all of a sudden three girls that barely know each other will be up there jamming and jiving to some fun music track.  Music has a way of bringing people together.  Tell your guests in advance.  Let them know you will be doing karaoke.  They won’t tell you, but they will prepare in advance, practicing at home so they’ll become an entertainer along with everyone else.

We work all events – big and small.  Call to book your party now!    303-523-5859